Our Approach

Philosophy and Approach

The philosophy and approach of Sewa Bharti originated in Indian beliefs and values regarding "Sewa".


Sewa Bharti's Goal

The volunteers of Sewa Bharti are guided by the credo - "Sewa Hi Paramo Dharma" - Sewa is the biggest virtue/way of life.

The actions of Sewa Bharti can be said to be guided by three words:-

  • Atmiyta - the feeling that the society is mine and I am of the society
  • Kshamta - building capacity
  • Samata - working towards a harmonious society

Sewa Bharti's goal is the creation of "Samaras Samaj" - a society that lives in harmony.

Since various deficiencies exist in society, citizens should contribute their best to the society. However, this contribution should not be out of charity, but out of a sense of responsibility due to the feeling that the society is my larger family and I am privileged to get a chance to perform Sewa and fulfil my duty.

Similarly, Sewa Bharti's philosophy is that all Sewa projects should be temporary in nature so that the people themselves build their capacity of addressing the problems that they face.