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Sewa Sanskar Samrasta Samridhi


Sewa Bharati has large number of centers that provide vocational training to economically underprivileged women. It trains women in making handicrafts and decorative items and helps to market these products. Hundreds of girls trained by Sewa Bharati over the years are transforming handicrafts into a successful cottage industry mostly in the North Eastern states of India. Sewa Bharati also conducts camps and organises exhibitions of handicrafts churned out at such camps and works as a catalyst in marketing these items. The participants are usually trained in fabric painting, hand stitching, pot-painting, glass painting, jute work, flower-making, cane and bamboo craft, pith and banana fiber craft. As a volunteer notes, the best part is that the items produced by these women are in demand because of their quality and hence are getting bulk orders. The handicrafts are today finding their way into homes across India.
Seva Bharati reports that it has a total of 1404 such training projects across India, including centers that teach computers, tailoring, shorthand, stitching, sweater making, typing, carpentry, nursing, arts and handicrafts and recreational activities. These training programs help the participants find jobs and earn a livelihood.

Seva Bharati also has many initiatives aimed at creating awareness among the women regarding socio-economic programmes and health. The programmes create awareness about minor ailments, health, hygiene and nutrition, environment, pregnancy and rights of women, besides prevention of addiction.

Human rights campaign
From the Valley of Kashmir to the Hills of the North-eastern India Seva Bharati works tirelessly for the basic Human rights. The campaign for the Kashmiri Pandits or the campaign for the Pardhees of Maharashtra (labeled at birth as criminal tribe) or the Chenchu tribals of Nallamala Andhra Pradesh or the Gonds of Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh the campaign for a better life and rights continues.
Pardhees are one of the 150 communities the British notified as criminals in 1871. Though the Indian republic denotified them in 1952, 6 crore of them continue to be social outcasts and victims at the hands of the police. Phase Pardhis form one third of the Pardhee clan). Under the banner of Bhatke Vimukta Vikas pratishtan and the Yamgarwadi Mitra Mandal fight for the rights and betterment of Pardhis continues. The rehabilitation of the Pardhis and the fight has brought eminent Social worker and thinker Girish Prabhune several laurels in the field.
Seva Bharati has stood by the Assam violence victims of July 2012. The Volunteers have set up medical aid, food and shelters to the victims. The activities extended to 60,000 victims providing food and shelter. Medical aid was provided with the help of 3 mobile dispensaries and 4 teams of doctors. Two truck loads of utensils were provided to the victims.

Fighting for the rights of underprivileged women
Seva Bharati is also known for fighting for the rights of women who are taken as domestic helps to the cities and are exploited and abused. It has taken up the issues such as wage deprivation, assault and abuse and has also represented their concerns to various governmental bodies.[38] It has coordinated with the governmental agencies to save rescue girls from abuse and harassment.

Computer Centers – In total we have 29 computer centres providing basic computer literacy program, Accounting package as well as English speaking course. Desktop publication and web designing are also some others courses done. –

Mobile Repairing – All kinds of mobile repair knowledge is imparted so that those people can earn immediate money for livelihood

Vocational (Candle Making, Electrical Training, Sewing & Stitching, typing etc.)Job Placement Agency – Sewa bharti acts as a catalyst in making people interested in jobs join the big corporate world and get a job as per their needs.

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