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In 1979, Veteran social worker Shri Balasaheb Devras founded Sewa Bharti on October 2, 1979. The first center of Sewa Bharti was inaugurated at E block, Jahangir Puri and in the year 1981, January it was duly registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. 

A humble beginning was made when a ‘Balwadi’ was set up in E Block of Jahangir Puri. Soon the Sewa work multiplied in numbers and within one year 64 such centers were started. Many young and adult were fascinated for the self-less work and they started contributing to its expansion. The social work soon connected with the people. 

A hostel for weaker sections of the society was started. Many students from lower strata of society successfully pursued academic studies in the hostel. A mobile medical van was introduced to serve the medial needs of students, residents of Sawa Park as well as nearby areas. Professional courses of short hand and typing were also introduced.

With the passage of time the Sewa work expanded speedily. This self-less social service, with its right nature and intent, became popular and talking point of the society. Considering the potential and impact of social work the organization was named as ‘SEWA BHARTI’ and a constitution after detailed deliberations was framed to complete the legal formalities.

Now we are running 306 projects in education, 194 social projects, 28 medical, 474 self-reliance projects and total beneficiaries are more than 3 lakh people. These projects have started from beginning and now running successfully.

The Society was formed with the noble vision by a group of like-minded people from social service background and government sector with pure service motive. The aim of the organization is to spread education by setting up schools and libraries along with providing training on soft skills to harbor prosperity among fellow beings & building awareness on the social issues impacting the community and nation.

We also commit to impart skill training to the youth, both male and female. We tend to assist elderly and destitute in the community as well. All the members are either retired or serving in the government sector or associated with the government with a very clear intention to contribute with their rich experiences.

The mission of the society is to create awareness in the country and make all stakeholders in the society conscious about various Socio-economic, cultural, educational, environmental, health related issues, quick and effective post disaster responses, schemes and program launched by the Ministries, Departments, Regulatory Bodies and Authorities under the Government of India.

We strive to achieve the objectives by holding Workshops, Consultations, Mass Awareness Campaigns, Capacity Building, Training Program, Gender Sensitization, and setting up regular educational & vocational centers throughout the Country.

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Sewa Bharti's Four Ayaams


Sewa is a sanskrit word meaning selfless service or work performed without any thought of reward commitment giving back to the society, humanity, pure love and selfless service are the main principle on which sewa bharti.


Sanskar means multiplication of our demerits. Sanskar means including good habits and removing bad ones
Sewa bharti is contineously working towards spreading good value in the society.


Sewa Bharti is working towards creating equality in the society on the basis social justice there is a society in-spite of that. Sewa Bharti Delhi is continuously working towards unity and equality in the society.


Sewa Bharti is working towards the self reliance and economic development of the poor class of society by giving them an opportunity to learn and earn by different ways according to their performance and liking. sewa Bharti Continuously working on that.


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